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Feed 5000 Logo Food Bank

January 25th, 2020

11 am - 8 pm * Show starts at 4 pm

Bethel AME Perris

24480 Sophie Street,

Perris CA 92570

PNX Community Goals

  • Feed 5,000 people in need

  • Create an Emergency Preparedness Center

  • Expand Community Services (technology, ESL, and dance classes, etc)

If you're like us, you don't just wait around for someone else to come help you or the people you love.  So join us for a cookout dinner, a showcase of performances, and getting information about how your skills and talents fit in with these and other community projects.  Through this experience, we will feed 5,000 people who need food in your community, build an emergency preparedness center, and expand development.  That's right.  All that for $25. 


June 2020

12 pm-8 pm

Bethel AME Perris

24480 Sophie Street,

Perris CA 92570

PNX Community Goals

  • Create a community garden

  • Accepting non-perishable food donations to add to our partners' food donation programs

FOOD FIGHT!  And we don't have to worry about wasting good food.  We will be getting the misshapen fruit the farmers don't sell, the foods that the stores won't sell, because they are too old to make money from but not too old to eat.  Besides, this food is meant to be thrown in faces!  For a great cause too.


Experience New Worlds

From alien planets to the most mysterious parts of our ocean to the wildest corners of our collective imaginations, Prime Nebula X strives to bring you amazing experiences that help your community grow.  We specialize in finding fun ways to reach people with opportunity. 

Community Action

Prime Nebula X is action oriented.  Experiences should enhance communities.  That means that we'll need active people from the community to to bring their nuanced understanding to the table. 

Prime Nebula Experiences is about fun yes, but we know goals need to be accomplished too.  We empower the people within the communities and organizations that share our vision.

The Vision

Prime Nebula Experiences are lively worlds with adventures at each turn.

Our values are the spreading of knowledge, mental and physical healing, entertainment, and competition.  

We believe in leaving places better than when we arrived. 

We prime surrounding communities with each of our events. 

When you come to experiences Prime Nebula, you are our prime guest. 

Our experiences are design to each Guests. Guests have the full opportunity to express themselves through custom features. 

We believe full and effective utilization of resources 

We are strategic action 


We accomplish visions

Everyone has something to give. You may choose to give your time working together with our partners to impact your community.  You may also decide to share your talent in something that helps Prime Nebula X create solutions.  You may donate your  treasure in Prime Nebula events that raise funds for ambitious projects.  You may give a lot.  You may give a little. 

Just know that you are needed and together we can make a huge impact.

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